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Eikon: Sorry about the layout change, it happened without warning and it doesn't look like I can get the old one back. I'll see if I can fix this one up at some point Jan 31, 2014 1:01:38 GMT -4
april: i have a question and i some real answers my cousin passed a way and i want to make contaked with her with out opening and door ways can some one help me Feb 23, 2014 22:50:38 GMT -4
april: i think she is still around and is try to make contakes with me and family Feb 23, 2014 22:51:48 GMT -4
michael818: April. Just get a voice recorder and do an EVP session if you think she's lingering. Feb 27, 2014 14:29:54 GMT -4 *
michael818: I wouldn't recommenmd trying to contact someone who ISN'T lingering tho... No way WITHOUT opening pathways... Feb 27, 2014 14:30:47 GMT -4
check it out: Apr 4, 2014 11:53:09 GMT -4
check it out: please Apr 4, 2014 11:53:17 GMT -4
check it out: if u would Apr 4, 2014 11:53:50 GMT -4
Ken Bullard NTF Investigations: New Paranormal Supernatural teaching Forum come check us out Jul 15, 2014 20:47:34 GMT -4
shelbyj: I was standing in front of a mirror taken a picture on a digital camera. I looked at pic and saw a funnel circle me on picture i looked on internet to see something similar the internet said it was a earthbound spirit. So my journey begins i have 3 pics Jul 21, 2014 18:57:24 GMT -4
shelbyj: I would like some expert advice. I was seeing mist 5-6 ft. come at kitchen door so I started taken pictures. You can see it really good. I can send the pics if you tell me how to send them. Jul 21, 2014 19:01:52 GMT -4
JimmyHat: Hi Shelby, the easiest way would be to upload them to a site like and then post the link to the album it creates on the forum. Look forward to seeing your pics! Jul 28, 2014 2:02:11 GMT -4
nctrish: Wondering if anyone would like to take a look at some pictures from my boyfriends house. He has cameras outside, and I can see orbs all around at times, and then nothing at times. Also looks like images of people moving around. Aug 12, 2014 2:59:58 GMT -4
SCARED: I got a ghost in my house and not sure what it wants. But my animal are getting aggressive and won't go in my room, stuff gets moved around in my room, but it has not hurt me. What do I do? Sept 5, 2014 20:44:57 GMT -4
CAPS: i would like to speak with the person that posted this. my name is james and i am the founder of Carolina Association of Paranormal Studies Oct 23, 2014 21:20:35 GMT -4 Enter your reply here... Oct 28, 2014 16:06:51 GMT -4 contact us at Oct 28, 2014 16:07:32 GMT -4
orianwyn: Hi, I am new here..I live in Jones County and am an investigator with ParaChasers in Goldsboro, NC. If anyone has unexplained activity, we may be able to help. Nov 23, 2014 12:57:45 GMT -4
michael818: Another Lawson Mystery SOLVED! This is DEFINITIVE! Mar 25, 2015 21:38:27 GMT -4
mack55: my bf took a picture of me and there was a white orb behind me. Apr 11, 2015 21:35:43 GMT -4
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